The foundation doesn’t sell cars because all of our energy is directed at buying cars for Ukrainian defenders, based on the donations.

We calculated that, on average, we spend around 7000$ for all-wheel frame pickup or truck. This includes the car price, all necessary repairs, and logistics.

On average, 3-4 weeks. It depends on the pace of raising money, searching for the needed car model abroad, transporting it, and repairing.

This option is not possible because our defenders have different needs. Our team searches for cars and transfers them to Ukraine regarding these needs.

We cooperate with trusted craftsmen who can help with it. Therefore, you can contact them yourself, or we can organize it.

The team will look for donors/benefactors or will organize a fund raising with you.

Our work is completely organized within the fund, therefore, we are obliged to comply with the necessary legal procedure. Particularly, we need to receive a request from the military unit and sign the act of acceptance and transfer. The last document confirms that the cars were transferred to the balance of the military unit.

When handing over a car, you need a technical passport for the car, a letter from the Charity Foundation, a customs declaration, and an act of acceptance and transfer of the car.

For our part, we can confirm it with the relevant documents (we talked about them, as mentioned above) that the car was transferred to the balance of a specific military unit. Another thing is the responsibility of the leadership of that military unit. Unfortunately, sometimes dishonest military commanders make it impossible for transport to get to the front line.

Contact us in any convenient way — call us, or text us in a social media. For your part, you need to receive a petition (a letter) from the military unit with a stamp and signature. Then you fill out the Google form and wait for the transport.

We chose a niche for ourselves — to provide the Armed Forces with transport. We direct all our resources there. We advise you to contact organizations whose activities involve such assistance.

As mentioned above, the foundation does not sell cars. If you can, you can make a charitable contribution so that we can continue systematically provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with transport.

Our website has the details of hryvnia and foreign currency bank accounts as well as QR codes for cryptocurrency transfers.

The Foundation has gathered around its work volunteers from different countries, so we would be happy if you could support us on social media, tell your friends about our work, respond with some ideas for cooperation, or help us with a charitable donation.